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Do you have confidence in your Retail Gift Aid scheme?

Each year approximately £70 million is claimed through Retail Gift Aid schemes on donated goods across the UK.

The Retail Gift Aid Scheme is a unique form of Gift Aid, difficult to audit so subject to stringent audit rules and regulations. Because it only relates to the donation of second-hand goods, clothes and furniture, it has its own Gift Aid “declaration” relating to donated items, which as part of the HMRC audit process is supposed to give HMRC confidence that both the charity and the donor understand the rules surrounding this scheme.

Rules for this scheme are regularly reviewed by HMRC and your knowledge needs to remain up to date. Retail Gift Aid can seem very cumbersome with far too many rules, putting off charity shop volunteers and retail managers, for charities who do operate retail Gift Aid there is always the concern the rules are being broken.

HMRC put a big emphasis on making sure all staff and volunteers must understand and be able to correctly explain how Gift Aid applies, which is why it is important for you to have confidence in your team and the training that you provide.

We offer a range of training options for charities wanting to be confident in Retail Gift Aid ranging from our 1-day retail gift aid workshop to more bespoke training for the whole team. All gift aid training is provided by Phil Robson at Giftease who has a long history in supporting charities with their Giftaid solutions.

Feedback from our last one-day retail gift aid workshop included “Incredibly informative and answered all the questions I had about Retail Gift Aid” and “The workshop was extremely informative. The presenter was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the workshops”.

Do you have confidence in your Retail Gift Aid?

Our one-day workshop covers:

· Retail Gift Aid essentials: Rules and latest updates

· Selecting the best Gift Aid method for your organisation

· How to make your literature work for you

· Gift Aid and the RAGS (recycling) scheme

· Ebay and Gift Aid

· How to engage volunteers

· The rules on notifying the donor

· How to pass an HMRC RGA Audit


Delegates will be asked to complete a pre-workshop questionnaire to establish level of Gift Aid knowledge for the group. Lunch and handouts will be provided on both days and a certificate of attendance will be issued to delegates who actively participate in the workshop – this can be used as part of your audit to evidence training.

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