About The Charity Knowledge Hub

Elanor Hoskin

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I have spent the last 20 years in the third sector working with charities at a local, regional and national level. I have a down to earth approach and the ability to get straight to the root of the problem which has meant that I have a good track record in working in a challenging environment, building solid foundations and delivering on outcomes.

I am passionate about making a difference to people and places by supporting charities, sharing skills and working collaboratively. I was on the committee of the CIOF South West for five years and I am now proud to be a Trustee of First Light. I also enjoy spending time with in the fresh air with my two children, husband and slightly crazy dogs as well as relaxing with holistic therapies.

Our Ethos

My ethos has always been that you should never stop learning. By mutually sharing knowledge with others, you all become stronger and that, whatever role you are in, you need to keep adapting to change to move forward. It is out of this philosophy that The Charity Knowledge Hub was formed and it is my hope that by working with others who are expert in their fields that we will be able to deliver bespoke, tailored training locally across the UK.


Feedback so far from the Gift Aid workshops has been great and it is from this base that The Charity Knowledge Hub aims to grow to offer further workshops, bespoke training and ongoing support in specific subjects framed around the charity sector.


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Dave the Chameleon


My name is Dave, I was born in Birmingham where I lived with my family before moving to live in Scarborough where I spent many a day basking in the sunshine on the promenade near the Ice Cream parlour. My favourite ice cream is Knickerbocker glory because of all the different colours as it reminds me of myself.

Once fully grown I moved to London to work for Hackney Chameleon, a locally based charity whose aims were to look after abandoned chameleons in the borough of Hackney. This was the first in a long line of jobs working for the charity sector.

With my ability to adapt so quickly I have worked on trust, community and corporate fundraising but my favourite role was working with individuals who became regular donors.

I am always looking to learn new skills and currently working with an event team piloting a nationwide ice cream festival hoping to raise awareness of the plight of decline in shops selling knickerbocker glories – a cause close to my heart.

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