We always ask for feedback after each workshop as we use to ensure we are delivering the very best Gift Aid workshops. Please find a selection of quotes given as part of recent feedback below:

"I attended the Gift Aid Workshop as a complete novice, but left with a great understanding that I fully intend to share to fully maximise our return from all Gift Aid sources." Delegate Feb 2020

"Gift Aid Workshop - training you cannot afford to miss" Delegate Feb 2020

"The training really did highlight the lack of knowledge surrounding gift aid within our organisation. Absolutely worth every penny!" Delegate Feb 2020

“This course is the perfect course for those who need to improve their knowledge of gift aid. After the two days, I am now able to spot where the risks are likely to be and importantly how to make any improvements” Delegate, Oct 2019

“I would seriously recommend this Gift Aid workshop to anyone working in fundraising or charity finance, regardless of your current knowledge. This course will pay for itself by either the amounts you can claim that you didn't know about or by saving you from failing an audit (and being fined) as you'll be able to make sure you're not breaking any rules. The course presenter is a legend!” Delegate, Oct 2019

“I was a bit nervous to book & attend because I knew nothing about Gift Aid before and thought I'd be out of my depth. I needn't have worried though as the course is clearly structured, you don't need to have a big understanding of Gift Aid to begin with, and the trainer is very professional, understanding and knowledgeable - able to answer any question. Really glad I went on the course now and feel well-equipped to move our charity forwards to a position where we can make Gift Aid claims effectively and confidently.” Delegate, October 2019


“I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence on claiming and promoting Gift Aid - worth every penny!”

Delegate, October 2019


“Excellent! Phil is A Gift Aid Guru!”

Delegate, October 2019


“The workshop was exceptional. I was so impressed and encourage any charities who are even considering looking into Gift Aid to attend the workshop. I've learnt so much and all valuable information to take back to the team. “  Delegate, October 2019


“This workshop has given me the confidence to share my new knowledge with colleagues, making sure we can get the most out of Gift Aid in the future” Delegate, July 2019


“This is an essential workshop for all Fundraisers from any size charity. Phil and Elanor have an impressive amount of experience and expertise to share and are able to explain the complexities of Gift Aid in a clear and approachable way. The Workshop delivered everything I was hoping for and more. I'm looking forward to putting all I learned into practice.” Delegate, July 2019


“I can confidently apply for Gift Aid from HRMC on behalf of our charity now, something we haven't been able to do for nearly 2 years, as the knowledge left with the person who knew before!” Delegate, July 2019


“Extremely informative workshop, highly recommended to anyone responsible for making gift-aid claims.” Delegate, July 2019


“Being new to the charity sector and the world of gift aid, the workshop, whilst quite intense, covered all relevant aspects and I would recommend the workshop to anybody without knowledge of gift aid or to people wanting to refresh their knowledge.”  Delegate, July 2019


“Very useful for finance teams to understand what sort of audit trail should be kept in the event of a HMRC inspection” Delegate, July 2019


“I learnt such a lot. I didn't know there was so much to Gift Aid!”  Delegate, July 2019


“A lot of people think they know all that is needed to know about Gift Aid bit don't. It was vitally useful to listen to someone who does know about it. As we watched our wonder grew That one small head held all she knew. (I borrowed that from I know not who)” Delegate, April 2019