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Supporting the South West Fundraisers Forum

The Charity Knowledge Hub is proud to be supporting the newly formed South West Fundraisers Forum. It is a new space for fundraisers across the South West (and beyond!) to network, learn and be empowered to raise more.

They believe that fundraisers are at their best when they’re connected, surrounded by people that ‘get’ them, encouraged by others who face the same challenges, and nurtured to learn more so that they can raise more.

Its a place to plug in, connect and be encouraged.

The ethos of the SWFF is aligned to our own ethos here at The Charity Knowledge Hub and this is why we decided to offer a supportive hand and help with administration, booking and hosting a webpage. You will see that there is now a South West Fundraisers Forum page on our website and that we are listing networking and training events on our bookings page.

We look forward to supporting SWFF and to hear more about the plans see below:

From 2022 SWFF will be hosting a series of free virtual networking and learning events on the topics that matter to you. As the year progresses and you tell them what you need, they hope to grow and stage further events and training courses virtually and in person – all with one single aim – to empower you to raise more and be an effective (and happy!) fundraiser.

If you want to join the SWFF mailing list and keep updated then please see the sign up form on thier webpage.


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