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Why should you have serious incident reporting training as part of your Trustee and SMT induction?

Trustees have many responsibilities and ensuring that serious incidents at your Charity are reported to the Charity Commission is just one of them. To be able to fulfil this duty your CEO and senior management team (or Manager for smaller charities) also need to have the skills to identify incidents that may need reporting and share this information with the Board.

The outcomes of the Charity Commission Safeguarding Taskforce (final report issued in 2018) found that there was significant underreporting within the sector, a lack of understanding of the threshold to report serious incidents and promptness of reporting was not good.

Given the nature of the work undertaken by charities and the challenging environment in which they work, there is a possibility that serious incidents may occur. In the event of a serious incident, the Charity Commission’s regulatory role is to ensure that charity trustees manage the incident responsibly and comply with their legal duties. In this way the charity trustees can take steps to limit the immediate impact of the incident and prevent it from happening again.

During the training/workshop we will share useful insights on the Charity Commission’s expectations, the structure and content of the serious incident reporting form as well as the latest guidance from the Charity Commission on the reporting of serious incidents during the coronavirus pandemic.

The workshop will be held under Chatham House rules. We hope the discussion and shared experiences will enable your organisation to consider whether it should review its incident management procedures and approach to reporting incidents.

Delivered by Laurie Trounce of Stephens Scown Solicitors - who will be sharing her experience of working with the Charity Commission’s new expectations and serious incident reporting form.

Delivered online in two workshops and includes interactive breakout sessions where real life scenarios are discussed with peers and then feedback from our expert is given. A copy of the slides along with a template Serious Incident Reporting policy is available to all delegates following the workshop.

In our opinion, investing in training so that your Trustees and senior management team have the knowledge to identify when an incident should be reported and then how to report it is essential. Feedback from previous delegates who have attended the workshop has been excellent and the take away tip on each occasion is to get this training before you need it and you are in the midst of a serious incident!

To secure your place at our next workshop then please see details on our website – we offer an early bird rate for those that book in advance (two months ahead).


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