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Which Gift Aid category do you fall into?

Previous attendees to our workshops tend to fall into three categories;

1. Those that are confident with their Gift Aid knowledge, have a good system in place but want to make sure they are up to date and maximising income from Gift Aid.

2. Those that are working with Gift Aid but are struggling because they have knowledge gaps, have never received any formal training and have concerns that they are missing something.

3. Those that are new to Gift Aid or about to start working with it who want to increase their knowledge and boost their confidence.

Whatever reason you have for attending one of our Gift Aid Essentials workshops we are confident that you will come away with improved knowledge, increased confidence around gift aid and of having identified at least one area where you are not currently claiming gift aid.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what previous delegates think about our giftaid workshops.

"​This workshop will pay its cost back in the Gift Aid you can legitimately and rightly achieve - great day, very knowledgeable presenter and well worth the time to attend."

Delegate, May 2017

"Phil's incredible expertise and delivery of practical examples made an intricate subject interesting, easily digestible and practical to take back and implement - thank you, I can't recommend this workshop enough" Delegate, May 2017

Which Gift Aid category do you fall into?

"A remarkable workshop where the knowledge of the presenters blew me away! I feel so much more confident in supporting my clients to claim gift aid correctly and no longer feel nervous at the prospect of preparing for an HMRC audit. I will be recommending this course! Thank you." Delegate, October 2017

“If you deal with Gift Aid you need to attend this course! Really insightful and teaches you everything you need to know. Phil is brilliant; her knowledge and experience is second to none and her delivery is personable and inviting.” Delegate, September 2018

“An extremely insightful course lead by Phil, her knowledge on Gift Aid was the best I have encountered to date. I would recommend this course to anyone who is either starting with Gift Aid or needs the best knowledge and practice to improve their own systems.” Delegate, September 2018

“Expecting something very dry, I was surprised to find this a very useful and engaging workshop. The leader was very knowledgeable and helpful, and presented the (sometimes complex) information in an easy to follow format. An incredibly helpful and enjoyable course, time well spent.” Delegate, September 2018

"A lot of people think they know all that is needed to know about Gift Aid bit don't. It was vitally useful to listen to someone who does know about it. As we watched our wonder grew That one small head held all she knew. (I borrowed that from I know not who)"

Delegate, April 2019


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