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Does talking about Giftaid to your charity shop customers make you nervous?

So often when you go into a charity shop, the person talking to you about Giftaid can sound nervous. From our experience this is because they don't feel confident about Giftaid and haven't had adequate training.

We have been running a bespoke training workshop with the ELF Charity retail team - shop managers, retail assistants, retail operations manager, fundriasing manager and even the CEO and discussing how you can gain confidence in your gift aid knowledge.

It is great to see a charity investing in robust training and developing the skills of the whole team so that they can all feel confident about implementing retail gift aid in the ELF charity shops.

We can offer tailored bespoke gift aid training for your team

We are able to offer bespoke training to charities in specific types of gift aid including retail gift aid, membership and admissions and our Essentials workshop all tailored to your organisations needs. We talk to you to identify your needs, send pre-workshop questionnaires to all participants and tailor our training accordingly.

If you would like to talk further about your requirements and our availability then please contact us to talk further.


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